Crepe Paper Crown {Alterknits} Help

Hello everyone :3
I am having trouble understanding what this means: {what’s in bold I’ve already figured out, but included so that the quote is complete}

“Join crepe paper and begin St st; work even until work measures 2 1/2” from the beginning.

Next Row: (RS) *Ssk, k3, k2tog; repeat from *across–35 sts remain; turn."

I don’t know what the asterisks mean, either… I checked for an explanation but did not find one…

So I know what the abbreviations stand for, but does it mean work 2 1/2" from the beginning of the row or vertically, because it then says “Next Row…” but then it’s the right side… :think:
I’ve an issue with the entire quoted section… No idea what to do… Please help?

When *s are in a pattern you repeat what’s after them, so for this you Ssk, k3, k2tog all the way across. From the beginning means from where you started the stockinette st.

So after I’ve reached 2 1/2", I ssk, k3, k2tog until the end and turn? Is that what it means by “repeat from *across–35 sts remain?”

I got it! Thanks for your help :smiley: