Creme de la Creme yarn on sale

I have a local store like a miniature Walmart called Alco. Today’s sale flyer has Creme de la Creme Cotton yarn reg. $1.79 on sale for 99 cents. I’m on my way out the door as soon as I finish this post!

I’m making kitchen cloths for gifts. Do you have a favorite pattern using this yarn? I may have to add to my stash of yarns if they have any really good colors. :woohoo:

Last night I made a cardinal bird dishcloth using Sugar n Cream. I like the way it turned out & can’t wait to try this other yarn. I’ll probably have to use a size 6 needle & have a smaller finished product but that’s OK for dishcloths.
(((HUGS))), Verna

I like about a 6" square for dishcloths. Sounds like a great sale.

Tons of patterns here:

:yay: Great find!

It’s just a worsted weight cotton so any pattern that uses worsted would be fine.

Here’s some nice ones.
4-corners dishcloth
Ball Band dishcloth
Yarn Harlot’s One Row Scarf stitch makes a great dishcloth.

:mrgreen: Color me jealous…Never heard of that store. Is it a local chain, or a single store?..I’m in Fort Worth. Let us know what you end up with.

I’m not sure where the closest one to you would be though. I shop in Clifton about 2 hrs South of you. Next time I’m in I’ll check & see where else they’re located.

The selection of colors was [B]terrible[/B]. They only get what their main office sends them - can’t order anything else - and don’t sell over the internet!:gah: They’re supposed to update their layout later this month so maybe the colors will improve. right now they [B]don’t[/B] have any reds, greens, purples, browns, nothing but pale blue, yellow, pink vari., white, & beige.

I ended up with varigated pink for a good friend, tan & white, and blue & white called denim ombre. I started a birdhouse design last night & now I’m reconsidering whether I’ll take all the rest back or not. I’m not crazy about working with it or how it knits up. Maybe I’ll like it better after the project is washed. I had made a cardinal cloth the night before out of Sugar & Cream and it just feels much nicer & was easier to work with.

I looked at one called I Love this Yarn in 100% cotton & maybe I’ll try that one next. I want to make some hand towels with knitted sayings & I want the finished item to feel full & just right in the hand. :thumbsup:
(((HUGS))), Verna