Cremating Knitting

I spent a month and about 20 pounds making two baby blankets for a very dear friend. I found out yesterday that one of the blankets was cremated with Bethany who passed on December 20. I feel honoured that my blanket was wrapped around her body. Does that make me weird. I usually hate it when someone messes with the knitting, but for some reason knowing that the blanket is with her, does not bother me.

Someone please tell me that my thinking is not off.

Honestly… No your thinking is not off! The parents found it a comfort to go with her. I would also be honored to know one of my creations went with a loved one…

How absolutely touching. There is nothing like having to lay a baby down to rest forever. You just want that baby to be cozy and safe and warm and if you could hold that baby forever yourself you would. Bethany’s mom gave her all the comfort she could and that was with the blanket you so lovingly made.

It doesn’t seem weird or off to me. It is not like something you made and gave with your heartfelt intentions was ill treated. The blanket that you gave in love was cherished enough that they wanted it to go with their daughter. That to me makes the blanket seem more of something sacared or beloved.

Not wierd at all. My hospital (I am a nurse) takes donations of handmade blankets to wrap stillborn babies in. Many parents who lose children want to hold the child after delivery. THe blanket makes it a little more normal. I always just assumed the baby was cremated or burried in the blanket.

What a great honor. I am sorry for the loss.

Good grief…tearing up a bit here now. I think that was very touching and really, quite an honor.

Not at all strange.

I knit for the babies in the local hospitals. Sometimes, when my heart is really full, I knit burial buntings. It is a very hard thing to do knowing what it will be used for. However, I knit in a little blessing with each one of them and think about what this means to the family.

It is still difficult.

Your efforts were very appreciated. I’m sure of that.

That was a wonderful honor. You should be proud. I would be. Bless you.:hug:

How touching that the family decided to wrap their baby in your sweet gift. What a wonderful honor. I don’t think it is weird at all and would consider it very sweet that they used your blanket.

I’m sorry for your friend’s loss.

They obviously felt that the blanket was special. You have a right to feel honored by that.

Joann, having gone through what your friends are, I can honestly say that it’s an honor for you that they used your blanket.

Not only is this an honor for you, but a blessing for the family that the blanket was made for. You have given them the gift of knowing someone else cared and that is a precious gift.

Thank you all for your insight. I am grateful that I was able to do a small part in helping send Bethany off right. I do feel honoured, and thankful that the blanket arrived just in time.

GinnyG, does your hospital have any specifics for the blankets they take. I love knitting baby blankets. I knowing that it is going for a baby that did not make it, just like my Alex, makes me feel like I am making a difference in someones live.

How very sad for that family, but you must feel comforted, that they were able to give their little girls some comfort, at the very end.

It is a really personal thing, for sure.

I can see how it can be a big honour, simply cause it is what they chose to send off their most precious bundle with something you toiled over.

In a sad way, it is a really special honour…

This is so very sweet, how lovely your gift was loved so much to be baby’s forever comfy place :heart:

WOW, that is HUGE, I would be both saddened at their loss, and hugely honored by their faith in my gift to comfort their precious little one for all time

thanks for sharing this with us


I knit blankets for hospital for children. I haven’t learned if any of them have been used for the purpose yours was… But I think you should know that they choose that to send their baby to a peaceful place. It must have been a very hard decision, and for them to choose the blanket that you made should be with their little one forever.

I would consider the choice they made as a compliment, and know that it was chosen for the cofort they found.

Blessings to you…

I’m typing through teary eyes so forgive me if there are any typos…

The fact that the parents cremated the blanket with their daughter shows that they have the utmost respect for you and cherished the love you have for them and with which you made the blanket. I can’t even begin to imagine their loss but the fact that they thought enough of your gift at such a traumatic time to send it off with their baby is truly an honour and you should be proud that it is still with her.

My heart goes out to your friends. Sounds like they are blessed to have you in their lives.