Credit monitoring sites

Anybody have any good credit report monitoring sites. I’m thinking about signing up for the obvious reasons of identity theft prevention, etc. I don’t need alot of bells and whistles, just something that will let me know if some miscreant decides to use my good credit rating for their own deviant purposes. Thanks.

I have used the Experian site’s credit watch thing in the past. I believe i got to download reports as much as i wanted on there, which i did once a month.

Now I use MyFico which just monitors the score and notifies me any time my score changes. It is $9/month and I get two reports that i can download at any time.

Remember that you also get a free report each year at from each of the big three bureaus.

In the end, unless you think you have something to worry about you can get a 3-in-1 report from any of the bureaus for about $35. So it just depends on if it is worth it to you to pay the extra for the monitoring. :shrug:

You are entitled a free credit report every year now, regardless of whether you suspect ID theft.

I’ve been using (mostly b/c I keep forgetting to cancel it), and it was useful for awhile, but I think it might only monitor TransUnion reports and nothing else.

I have a Discover Card and they recently talked me into signing up for credit monitoring, and I haven’t cancelled it yet b/c it’s been surprisingly good. It’s about $13 a month, that goes on my Discover Card (I really ought to change that, actually). And it doesn’t just monitor activity on my card, it monitors my entire credit file with all three reporting agencies. I get a quarterly credit report with scores in addition to alerts when new activity has been reported. And those alerts are fast!

I pull a credit report from one of the three each quarter from the annual credit report place.
I pulled one again last night, nothing new which is good. I just spent alot of time in the hospital and in doctor’s offices recently where I had to constantly give out not only my but my husband’s social security number or they wouldn’t take my insurance. :grrr: I guess I’m just being a little paranoid but I don’t trust anyone with my ss number anymore.