Creative Proposal

Today I have been going crazy over this proposal video!! :inlove:


Is this proposal just that amazing or is it just that I am in one of those moods today? Does anyone have any interesting proposal stories to tell?



I visited Houston recently and while having dinner in this fancy underwater restaurant, There was one guy who proposed to his now-fiancee. I think that he took a lot of effort to prepare for this.

If I could piece the events together, he was with this lady when he asked if she could excuse him. After a while, a man in diving gear when near her table and showed some cards with writings on it. Then came 4 other divers holding on similar cards with some line in it.

very cute!

That was really cute!

I saw one on a program about modern day gold panning. The host was interviewing a couple who both loved panning for gold in streams had been dating awhile. The guy prepared a pan for his sweetheart as she was explaining to the host–she didn’t see him slip a diamond ring into the pan. When she found it, he stood up and used the words with which gold panners used to lay claim to a certain rich ground to lay claim to his ‘rich strike’. The way she bear-hugged him I don’t think there was any question about her answer!

Very nice - refreshingly different!