Creative Knitting patterns!

The lastest issue has some CUTE patterns!

On page 1 I like garter stitch cardi and sophisticated slant, on page 3 the chain reaction top. Lots of cute ones!
CK patterns

OK, that’s it, I have to get it. Cute stuff! I was JUST at Joann’s last night, and was looking at the knitting magazines, but they didn’t have Creative Knitting (yet anyway, I’ve gotten it there in the past), so I got Knit 1. I like that tank and shrug set!

Okay, now I have to get Creative Knitting AND the new Vogue :smiley:

I’ve been buying Creative Knitting every month now for the longest time, so I decided it would just make sense to subscribe to the stupid thing to save some money. Yeesh!

:roflhard: Yeah, that will save some money…more $$ for yarn for the patterns! My daughter got me a subscription for Christmas. :wink:

I picked up 2 magazines yesterday when Derek and I were out shopping. One was Creative Knitting, can’t remember what the other one was. I’m just in the habit of buying whichever ones I don’t have yet! :rollseyes: :roflhard: