Creative Knitting: Nov 2004 Fingerless Gloves

So, yesterday there was 2 inches ribbing …today there’s an almost finished fingerless glove.

bernat denimstyle yarn :happydance: :XX:

My first knitting since my massage therapy classes yipee!

Don’t you just :heart: :heart: fingerless gloves?! LOOKING GOOD :thumbsup:

I came here to rant…but thanks, Rebecca! … this glove is turning out to be 1-2 inches wider than my hand…GRR! My gauge is the same as the size 7 needles, and I’m knitting with size 3 needles (the other size it says to use!) I was sooo excited about this, and now it’s not going to fit me…I know I have small hands, but this is ridiculous. Sooo… I’m wondering if I should finish a pair and give them to someone with bigger hands (my boyfriend more than likely - his hands are huge)…or rip it out and get a better pattern (I dont know how to alter it) and I don’t have smaller needles than US 2 DPNS.

…PS… I know that gauge is important, but I figured if it was a little loose it’d be fine. I’m usually pretty darn close to the gauge…this person mustve been a super tight knitter! that or they listed the wrong needle size… if I knit this any tighter, I wouldnt be able to get the needle in the stitch! And I’m not a tight knitter! These stitches are a little loose!

EDIT: I called my sleeping boyfriend, and he said he’d seriously wear them since they fit him, and as much as I love to see his face with his new knitted gear, I really wanted these to be mine, but I’d just be heartbroken to rip it all out and start over. I just need to hurry up and by every DPN size ever made! And really spend time on gauge…

Rebecca posted this somewhere else, but this pattern might help you:

You can ensure they fit! :cheering:

I’m starting a pair of these today.

Thanks! How funny, this lady’s name has been everywhere in my world. I’d probably divide the top sts by four so that I can have half fingers, because I already have a pattern I can alter for fingerless mittens.


OH yeah…I so love that pattern and I am so BUMMED that she had to stop publishing the e-magazine…I believe she had a baby, sorry for my ignorance on the reasons behind no longer publishing the e-mag, I just remember that she will no longer have time to do it. I LOVE that mag!
That pattern is WONDERFUL I have adapted it to a few fingerless gloves thus far & when I find the glove needles that I want…I may actually start making the fingers in the future :wink:
Good luck! I’m glad your honey will wear them :thumbsup:

Yea, That looks pretty cool. I’ll be trying to make some for me some…I really want to make myself something that fits! rah! I make stuff for others and it fits fine, I get to mine and it’s wayyyy too big. I think from now on I’ll measure myself and just adapt or something.

I finished one fingerless glove! :cheering: It really wasnt that hard…Now I’m thinking of sorta designing my own…like adding ribbing to the side so that it’s not as loose. But I may try that on MY pair, not his. He said he’ll buy me another skein as soon as he gets some money :slight_smile: Luckily they dont cost that much. and mine will be GREEN!

That looks great! Sooo cozy and warm! And hoorah on the pending new yarn…GREEN :inlove:

If you work in a diagonal rib the ribbing will not have the give or bulk.

I make these for one nieces and will have to give to another because the give is not as great as I thought it would be. If you use the diagonal cast of loose.

Thanks for the info. My ribbing is just regular 2x2 though :slight_smile: the diagonal ribbing sure is pretty even though the give is not great!

They look wonderful!! :happydance:

In case you havent seen my blog, they are finis!

My boyfriend is ever so serious… :rollseyes: :XX:

Quite the ham, isn’t he? The gloves look great!!

lol, ya - thanks :slight_smile: :happydance: