Creative Knitting magazine

Have any of you subscribed to this? I did and just got my second issue, which I must say I liked a lot more than the first issue. Lots of summery tanks and stuff this time.
Incidentally, there is a skirt in this issue which is made with Microspun, and it has the non-V look to the stockinette portion that I complained about in my “what the heck” thread from last month. So I guess it’s just a characteristic of that yarn.

I must admit that the only reason I subscribed to this magazine was becasue I wanted the issue with the Dilly sextuplets on the cover and the only place to buy single copies was barnes & noble (which is a big nasty evil corporation so I don’t buy books from them. I only buy from independent booksellers). But there have been a few good things about the magazine. I like the layout, how easy to follow the patterns and they list all the yarns and stuff. Good pictures. It’s not as intimidating as Interweave press. THey don’t have articles like interweave does though. So yeah I like it. But I’m obsessed with knitting and I probably would’ve subscirbed anyway.

I really like the mag, and always buy it at the newsstand…now, thanks to u all…I’m going to go subscribe right now!!
I’m actually working on an afghan (Diamond Twist Afghan) out of the Jan, 2005 issue of Creative Knitting at the present! The directions are clear and concise…easy to read; patterns are rated, etc.
:thumbsup: :thumbsup:

I think it may be the way the Microspun is…well…SPUN. My Aibhlinn has the same look to the k sts. I am using Jaeger Extra Fine Merino DK.

Well I subscribed and I love it too. Albeit I haven’t made anything from it, but I am very guilty of having too many patterns, too little time, and too little money/(sometimes) the drive.

I have 3 so far.