Creative Home Arts Club

I just got a letter in the mail for the Creative Home Arts Club. Has anyone joined this? It it on the up and up? Is it worth it?

I am a lifetime member of the Creative Home Arts Club. Now, I don’t craft as much as I use to but do enjoy the magazine. I wouldn’t do the lifetime thing if you’re not constantly crafting. The lifetime membership gives you the monthly magazine and some very nice crafting tools and organizers. The magazine has tons of ideas and projects, there’s a forum, with some very sweet, friendly and helpful people. There are contests monthly on stuff like bagmaking, painting, fabric crafting, quilting, etc… I think you can visit the forum as a guest. If you’ve got any other questions, just ask, maybe I can help you or put you in touch with someone on the forum that can answer more. The club is actually part of a series of other clubs that center on different areas… is another one, of which I am a lifetime member and am very actively using that membership. I love to garden and the forum is a tremendous wealth of information and gardening tips… Mary