Creative Cussing - Knitting Related!

Last night, as I finished one of the felt purses I have been working on, I found myself using the word, “WANKER” a lot.

For one thing, the straps have to be sewn on after the felting process with this particular pattern, and I realized after doing one strap that I didn’t have enough embroidery floss in that particular color to do anymore.:wall:

Then I realized that the stupid pocket I had sewn inside BEFORE felting was just slightly off center and so the embroidery was over part of the pocket.

I just kept yelling “WANKER” at that poor defenseless purse…at least my four year old doesn’t know what that means.

Sigh…but you can’t tell any of the above even happened, and the bag looks great.:thumbsup:

Did you post pictures in the whatcha knitting for us?

PS Is wanker a British term?

I didn’t post the pics yet…it’s something I just never seem to get around to. It’s like, “Hmmmn…knit or post pictures of what I knit?” And the next thing I know, I have a new hat, but no pictures posted.:teehee:

Yes, wanker is a british term…a not terribly nice one, and really not one that a lady should be using. Especially not a lady who knows what it means, and isn’t even BRITISH.

But I just couldn’t stop saying it. Dh laughed his butt off when I told him about it. That poor purse!:teehee:

I tend to yell “Knitpicker” often when I make knitting mistakes. Not really a cuss word, but it seems appropriate even though the real word is “nit picker” and refers to picking lice out of hair, but for some reason it’s a dandy “cuss” word for knitting! :smiley:

I catch myself saying “don’t do that you dumb yarn!” or something like that. Cuz ya know its the yarn’s fault for messing up. :teehee:

:roflhard: Absolutely! If that crazy yarn would just behave itsself…

Of course its the yarn’s fault! :wink: Moi, make a mistake? Never.


I love this topic!:muah: I have been known to swear like a trucker so for the past few years have been trying to substitute silly words for swear words…
“gosh farking darnit” is frequent
"rrrrrrrrgggggghhhh" is usually at tangled yarn
"bloody hell" comes out… I’m not british. it just sounds like a swear word but it isn’t in the U.S so I can get away with it.
“mentally freaking challenged” when talking about a pattern that makes no sense. or a yarn that wont work. or myself. Usually just myself…:roflhard:
I did see on ravelry yesterday, a woman posted " I swear so that I don’t slap the sh*t out of you" That had me on the floor:roflhard:

haha this is sooo great!! When I knit i usually mutter, what am I talking about? SCREECH, things like, “what the f*ck is going on?” and, “What is wrong with this freaking thing?” Those are the things I yell most frequently.

[QUOTE=PurlyGyrl;1066710]Of course its the yarn’s fault! :wink: Moi, make a mistake? Never.

Yes, I often catch myself looking back and forth at the yarn and my needles, while saying, “Now, why must you two make this so difficult?”.

Hey now! I resemble that remark!

There was of course no offense intended:roflhard:

Ooooo - There’s a totally shocking swear word written further down the Gen Knitting page, left by RedheadRachel - ‘Bleeding’ dye - Tut! the shock and horror of such language being used by a young lady … well, really! :teehee:

I certainly don’t use any bad language or vulgarity at all - it’s just that people think I do. I’m a keen gardener, so when I say “Sod it!”, I am of course, referring to my lawn, nothing whatever to do with the ball of wool, knitting needles and pattern that I’ve been battling with for the last three hours.

There’s always “blast” or “blasted” And being a Texan, I can’t forget the ever popular “dad-gummit” :teehee:

Why, yes it’s the yarn’s fault. And it’s the [U]TV’s fault[/U] that I had to tink out a round from DH’s sock toe last night.

I’ve been known to have conversations with naughty yarn - “why do you do this? Why? you’d be so pretty if you just WENT WHERE I TOLD YOU TO!”. Picked up a nice curse from someone too - crup-feck-begger-ship. Sounds like swearing, as tension releving as swearing, but no actual swears for little kids to pick up.

LOL! :roflhard:

I do still have projects in “time out” for being naughty and not playing nice. no swears involved, just “go think about what you have done”

Ta ta, ladies. We must take our example from Mason, who, if my memories of being a truck driver are correct, never ever utters an oath. :roflhard:

LOL Mulder!