Creative Blocking Suggestion?

My snb members and I did a one-skein swap for Christmas where we had to knit an item from the skein and give it back to the recipient. Tomorrow is the day we are to return our FOs and as usual, I am just getting finished! I made a skinny scarf that has a lot of YO’s in it and I think it might be best to block it before giving it to my recipient. Unfortunately, I don’t have any T pins or a long enough piece of cardboard or a blocking board. Does anyone have creative suggestions for how I can block this scarf? It’s about 6 feet long not counting the fringe I’m adding. It’s made from Patons SWS (which I love and hate simultaneously)…I considered steaming it and somehow pinning it to my ironing board but I really don’t have a lot of pins laying around…

This may not be all that helpful…but I’ve had to rig up my blocking area and this is what I did for really long afghan strips:

I needed them off the rug cuz there is dog hair EVERYWHERE–so I taped cardboard from boxes that used to have clothes and my vacuum in it onto my kitchen table. My kitchen table was a few feet too short so I then overlapped and taped like hell even more boxes jutting out like wings til they were sturdy enough to hold my knitting. They drooped a littled but it was all good. Then I layed a cut-open trash bag over the cardboard. Next up I pinned the crap out of my strips with regular straight pins (and then some tiny nails when I ran out!) Worked fine.

If you don’t have pet hair everywhere you could just lay the cardboard out on the floor. Or your could just lay a few towels out and cover the towels with a cut open trashbag (so it dries faster), that would probably be enough for a pin to stay put. And if you’re not aggressively blocking the scarf it’s not like it’ll need a gazillion pins.

(I’m not sure what your pin situation is…I’ve never used T-pins, straight pins work fine if you have some lying around. You could probably even finagle regular safety pins through the towel. You may also find that just wetting the scarf, laying flat and smoothing it out with your hands to your dimensions is plenty of encouragement for the YOs. Every now and again check on it and stretch/smooth it again if ya want.)