Creating your own patterns...where to start?

The time has come in this knitters life to start learning the dark art of pattern writing. I need some help - anyone got any good ideas about books or reference materials? Especially for the Euro knitter - struggle sometimes with the US version of knitting stuff (am getting there mind you - so wouldn’t rule it out). Any suggestions -much appreciated this end.

This existing thread might have some info:

Making patterns

Great stuff… thank you

Every time I see a thread like this I can’t help but think about those kids in math classes in school who said “I’ll never need this crap!” :rofl:

HEY! Don’t make fun of us! How’d we know we’d take up knitting one day?!:rofl:

I’m also a “I’m never going to use this crap” student, and I’ve got to say A squared + O squared = H squared has never come up in my knitting. Basic Algebra, Yes, but oh look, you can do that on a calculator. (The guy who invented calculators is a god. seriously)
As for designing, I tend to look at patterns I like, work out what I want, then hack them to pieces. Oh, and check your drape for your swatch. Jumpers that can stand up by themselves are only useful for joulsting.

Hey, I’m not a builder, but I have build a few DIY projects where I needed a square corner and I didn’t have my square (a tool that more often looks like and ‘L’ or ‘T’ or a triangle than a square!) handy so I used my tape measure and the 3, 4, 5 triagle rule.

I also used geometry and algebra to calculate the volume of our circular pool with diameter of 18 feet and water depth of 42 inches. That sucker hold a lot of water; over 48,000 pounds of it! So that’s why the assembly instructions said not to build it on a deck.

And you know it is written in the instructions because someone actually tried it!


But sometimes the simple arithmetic of patterns can trip me up like a raised join/seam on a sidewalk. (That should not be confused with tripping over the [B]lines[/B] on a floor or sidewalk, which is called ‘low stride’ syndrome :wink: ).