Creating Visible Seaming

I plan on seaming two scarves together to create a double-thick scarf for a friend. He created the idea for the project, based around the colors of Buddhist monk robes.

I’ve found a fair amount of info about seaming online, but we intenionally want the seam to be visible (it is being done with a different color yarn than the two scarves) - any info on how to do this?

Pictures of the scaves can be seen on my personal blog at the following links:

Thank you all in advance for your help - you are my knitting saviors! :muah:

The idea that pops into my head is to pick up stitches on each edge with the new color, and then do a 3-needle bind off with the wrong sides facing. This will give you a seam on the right side of the scarves with the new color.

That sounds pretty complicated, mostly because I have never worked with more than two needles before. :zombie:

A 3-needle bind off is pretty simple.

You hold the two needles you’ve picked up the stitches on parallel to each other, in this case with the wrong-sides facing.

With a third needle, you do the bind off by knitting the stitches from the front and back needles together and then binding off like normal.

Heck–this is better:

It shows having the right side facing to get the seam on the inside of the work, but if you reverse that you’ll have the seam on the right-side of the work.

You could also hold them together and do a crochet border. If
you want something subtle you could just do slip stitches around or if you want it to stand out more you could go around in single crochet or
do several rounds. The other idea I had was to hold the two pieces
together and do a blanket stitch edging all the way around. Here are
a few sites that show how to do blanket stitch if you don’t know
how. :slight_smile: