Creating neckband... say what?

Hello all,

I’m knitting a baby sweater and I’ve finally done the blocking. Now comes the knitting of the neckband. I’m confused. Can somone tell me what this means…?

[B]With RS of work facing K8 from right front st holder. Pick up and K19 sts up right front neck edge to shoulder. K27 from back st holder dec 2 sts evenly across. Pick up and K19 sts down left front neck edge. K8 from left front st holder.[/B]

How do you pick up the stitches you’ve already made in the pieces when they appear already finished? I’m not sure how to pick them up from the edge of a row I guess.

One more thing (just one?) after I’ve got that part done, I’ll get to the buttonhole band. When I get to the buttonhole row, pattern says [B]Rib 3 sts YO. K2tog… [/B] What does yarn over mean?

Once again, thanks to those who can decipher for me. :yay:

When picking up sts on the back neck, or anywhere you’re working with a finished edge, the easiest way is to pull a loop of yarn up with a crochet hook (as many times as stated) and place it on your right ndl. You can also go down thru the sts with the tip of your ndl and pick up the yarn loops but a hook makes it easier. (There’s a vid on picking up sts in the Vid tab above.)

YO is in the Glossary…tab at top of page. The YO, combined with the K2tog, forms an eyelet bh.


Picking up stitches - yes, take a look at the video already suggested. You could also google for written instructions, for example -

It just occurred to me, that when it says to pull up a loop of yarn or pull up yarn loops, that doesn’t mean pull up a loop of the already knitted fabric. You will have joined on your yarn at the beginning of where you want to pick up stitches, and you work with that… pulling yarn loops up through the knitted fabric.

Now I’ve probably confused things further…