Creating my own pattern

My mom has been asking for a blanket with all her kids, grand and great-grand names on it. My sister wants to order one …I want to knit one! I’ve been knitting for a couple years and feel confident I can pull this off with a bit of guidance along the way. Would it work to graph this out? There will be 13 names (would be fun to have a few different letter styles maybe) and I’d like to make each of the names a different color than the body of the blanket (I’m actually not too terrible at adding a new color for a few stitches in various places of my work and then going back to the main color). I guess my question is: if I knit the body stockinette, would it work if I purled the stitches that would form the letters? I’m thinking I could graph the whole blanket so I have the names spaced out and then the letters within the name spaced out too. I’ve seen the alphabet patterns and I think that would just get confusing to me as I worked - finding my place and the spacing. Thoughts? Tips? I should add that I have never graphed a pattern before and when I find a pattern that’s graphed, I have to ‘translate’ it to row by row (P2 K27 P2 etc) and actually write out ‘row cards’ so I don’t get lost.

That sounds like a wonderful idea, very creative and do-able.
Yes, graphing it out is a good way to make sure the lettering is spaced correctly. You’ll then be sure that everyone will fit on the blanket and in the order you would like.
If you go ahead with the plan to use stockinette on the background, be sure to add deep borders all around in garter, seed stitch or some border that will lie flat. There are so many choices here. Nicky Epstein has several books of borders (Knitting on the Edge, Knitting Over the Edge and others) that might be worth looking at.
Can’t wait to see this blanket. Enjoy working it!

There are charts I’ve followed by looking at the chart and others where I have needed to read the worded version, like you. For me it really depends on what stitches and marks are on the chart.
It sounds like a massive amount of work to chart up names and then write out every line so maybe finding a way to follow the chart might be useful?

One thing you might try to help you read a chart is to colour dot each knit in one colour and each purl in another. The charts tend to give the key which says something like knit on right side rows purl on wrong side rows and you have to remember which to do as you follow each line. Perhaps if you colour coded them with a sharpy or highlighter pen it would make it easier to follow the line across?

Another thing I have done is to arrow outside the chart pointing in to show me which way I am to work the chart, right to left or left to right, for each row and then I can visually snake my way up the chart having pre marked the directions on it.

And I sometimes use a sticky label or post it sticker to stick on the chart to show me which row I am on.

Good luck with your blanket it sounds like a wonderful heirloom design. Amazing.

I was thinking of a honeycomb border - I’ve never used it before but it looks like it would be a nice contrast to the stockinette.

I’ve gotten a bit obsessed trying to figure this out - wondering now if there is a program I can somehow put my idea into that would generate a pattern for me? I’ve also looked at duplicate stitch to put the names on the blanket. I appreciate the tips on marking up the chart to make it easier to follow - I think the arrows would help and highlighting rows is genius so I don’t end up jumping around on the chart without realizing until 8 rows later! I mostly lose track of the stitch count in my rows when following a pattern so that’s why I write out each row with the number of each different stitch in order.

There are several programs that will create charts from photos or images. There’s a review here.

I’ve also printed out knitting chart paper in the required gauge and free hand drawn designs. You then fill in the blocks to complete the chart. This would work with letters in almost any font.
There’s also the possible to use Excel although the cells may not have the correct geometry for knitting.

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I’m a fairly new knitter, too, and I write out patterns into row-by row instructions as well. It takes a while to write it out, but it’s worth it to me, because I know I am doing correctly.
You said you wanted the letters in a contrasting color AND to purl-stitch them? Most people woul do one OR the other. If you’re using 2 colors, you’ll have to decide if you’re doing intarsia, or ‘fair-isle’ style (with loops on the back). I love doing intarsia.
I would chart out each name individually, using a program like . That’s what I use, but there might be better programs out there. Doing one name at a time would be less daunting than charting the whole thing onto one chart. Just figure out how many plain rows you want in between the names, then write out the intarsia pattern for each name individually.


:slight_smile: I actually love that I’m not the only one writing out patterns row by row! I have decided to do the whole blanket in stockinette with a honeycomb border and add the names in a different color. I’m messing around with graph paper and I did poke around in chart minder yesterday. I’ve decided on kind of a Scrabble style for the names all building off our last name. I’m probably aiming too high but the challenge is fun…for now.

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Ooh sounds great! Love the scrabble idea.

I think I need to take a step back for a reality check. I cant figure out charting and am just frustrating myself. I’ve messed around with the chart generators and just am not having any success - limited tech ability and more than a little limited design ability beyond the idea. I’ll try to add a picture of my design though

Try the knitter’s graph paper and see if that helps. You’ve got a good start with the complicated arrangement that you posted. Wow!