Creating buttonholes in bought cardigan

I recently bought a lovely cardigan but I have wrap in around me when it’s windy, I’m thinking of making buttonholes possibly on my sewing machine. Has anyone attempted this?

There’s this technique for making buttonholes but it doesn’t seem very neat. Maybe a tear-away backing would work better than the tape? It looks like a technique that requires practice.

I wonder if you could use some other closure: snaps. hook and eye (frogs), fancy shawl pins?
There are more ideas for alternatives on a Google search too.

Yes I’m thinking alternative as I don’t want to spoil cardigan, I have some lovely brooches so maybe use them

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There is a wide variety of designs for sweater clips, maybe you can find a set which suits you and your new cardigan?
(Pic just as example, I have no idea about the quality of these)

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I bet if I rooted around in my buttons I’ll find some of those, thank you for the suggestion