Creating a sock pattern

So I’ve knit a few pairs of socks, and now I’d really like to try to create my own pattern. I was wondering if anyone has any tips or links to help me do that. Thanks!

Knitty has this article:

For my socks, I have an old basic pattern for men’s socks that I learned back, ummm like 40+ years ago? Nothing fancy.

So when I want to do my own style of socks, I just make variations on this old basic. Scottish knee socks? Heavy-duty wool socks? Dainty lacy socks?

Same pattern. Then I work the gauge to decide what size needles to use [for heavier or lighter yarns] and I’m off to the races.

This adapting technique has stood me in good stead and carries me through a number of otherwise-not-well-written sock patterns.

Hope this helps,