Creating a pocket

:woot: I have a son who is actually letting me make him something. Up until now all he wanted was a hat which I made but it grew, lol. I remade the hat with different yarn and he loves it! His fifth class year reunion is coming up and he would like a vest with pockets for the pocket watch and fob I gave him for graduation. I have two vest patterns one ny Ann Norling and the other by Oat Couture. Both are tuxedo vest patterns with no pockets. The placement of the pocket shouldn’t be a problem isn’t the issue but how to make the pocket and attach it to the vest fronts. A pocket on each side. I don’t think a flap is necessary. What do you think and how do I made and attach them?:grphug:

This thread might help you - you would make the lining first and put it on stitch holders, then when you work the front, decide on the placement, BO some stitches equal to the width of the lining, then on the next row, work the lining sts. When you’re done, sew the lining to the front piece.

This video shows a similar pocket with a little edging just to finish it off.

The video was perfect! Just what I needed. When did Drops Design start doing videos?

Thank you Suzeeq and SaLmonmac! The concept of the pocket I did a different way on a hoodie but this is the exact type of pocket I wanted. The hoodie pocket was a side opening pocket and knitted by picking up stitches and knitting up. :woohoo: :cheering: :cheering: