Creating a cable

Can someone point me to a video that shows me how to M4, which the pattern describes as, make 4 stitches, “slip next stitch to front on cable needle, yarn over needle, k1, yarn forward then k1 from cable needle.

Is that the full description of the M4 that the pattern gives? It’s only making 2 additional stitches so seems there could be part missing.
What is the stitch you have just worked prior to this M4 bit? Is it a purl?

What is the pattern name?

What is the name of your pattern?

The yarn over needle creates a stitch, k1 is stitch 2, yarn forward (or yarn over) creates stitch 3 and the k1 from the cable needle is stitch 4.

It’s design 4796 blanket in the book Baby Crofter DK Fair Is,e Fun by Sirdar. Yes, those are the only directions for M4.

*Fair Isle

Very nice! You end up creating the lacy cable in the front band. One of the Ravelry projects uses the pattern for a hat.

I’m making the blanket with cables running vertically.


That’s going to be lovely and you certainly will get practice in these openwork cables. Are you using the Sirdar patterned yarn?

Yes, but in a different color way than picture.

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