Creatig a nice looking back neck on a cabled edge

Hello everyone!

I am just completing the sweater I have written about previously and I am at the finished edge of the back neck. The sweater is a low wide v-neck with cables throughout. The pattern suggests a “crab stitch” but I am wondering if there may be a more “elegant” stitch or edge I could use. I noticed that the back neck needs some tightening as the shoulders do not stay on so whatever I do it will need to tighten the neck.

I did try using a piece of yarn and picked up stitches along the edge then knit a row and bound off. It was very puckered and so loose that the shoulders did not stay on.

Thank you for any advice you may offer!

You may have already done this but it’s always a good idea to decrease cables on the row before bind off. K2tog once or ever twice on each cable.
Are you picking up sts with a size or two smaller needle? That should help pull in the neckline. You might also pick up sts and work more than a single row. I’ve had to narrow down necklines and I’ve found that the pucker goes away when the sweater is worn. Of course, if the pucker is too much, that probably won’t work.
Can you give us a link to the pattern you’re following? Just a photo is fine.


You are so great, what would we do without you?! I wish I had asked the question before I bound off as decreasing the cables would have been a big help. Next knit I will know to do that. I have been at this for two days now and about an hour ago I just picked up every third stitch and knit a row of 1p and 1k and bound off tightly. It’s not prefect but it did tighten the neck and for my taste, it looks better than the crab stitch. It does stay on my shoulders and hopefully when I block it it will remain tight. I took a photo and have attached it.

Thank you!knitting-help

Oh gosh, you are too kind. I’m glad you were able to solve the problem. The sweater looks so pretty. Very nicely done!