Create short chain..?

Hello everybody!

I’ve already had lots of help from this website but now i’ll have to turn to its members for an urgent question…i’m working on a vest from an english pattern but it is not my native language which makes it sometimes a little bit confusing :frowning:

ok, i’m working on the 2 fronts of the vest at the moment and there’s an action i have to do multiple times at one end of both of the fronts:

(take yarn round needle and draw loop through st on right needle as though to K a st) 4 times (to create short chain)

I have no idea what to do here and did some websearch and found the following link:
Is this what it’s supposed to look like/same idea?

Thank you!

I don’t think the loop stitch would be the same as a short chain. Is there a picture of the pattern? A chain would be to pull one stitch through another stitch–like a crochet chain.

The picture isn’t that clear in the book (Rowan Ribbon Twist Collection) since the yarn is rather dark. I looked up a video example of pulling a loop through a stitch, crochet style and I think that might be it!

I started on the sleeves in the meantime, but i’ll try this when they’re ready :smiley: