Cream of Spinich Scarf

This was a fun scarf to make! Very easy pattern to memorize. I actually think the finished product [I]looks[/I] more difficult than it is. I used Moda Dea washable wool in taupe.

I need to start making something other than scarves:teehee:

That is really nice. I like “easy to remember” patterns. I am re-learning to knit and like anything with the word “easy” in it right now. :thumbsup:

Thank you for sharing.

Weird name, but the scarf is beautiful!

Lovely scarf.

Went and looked at the original, it’s well named. I think it’d look cool in black, but then I like black a lot.

I also like creamed spinach.

Thanks for sharing!

Very nice!

Yeah, I thought so too…but liked the pattern :wink:

Yes, I think it would be pretty in black too :slight_smile: BTW, I like creamed spinach too - maybe that is what drew me to the pattern lol :cool:

The original was knit in a green yarn with white flecks, that’s how it got its name.

Great job, Margaret.

Nice scarf. Color will go with everything.

Very pretty scarf – nice work.

Beautiful! I saw that pattern on Ravelry and it immediately went on my favorites! I have to make it!

Is that the “Feather & Fan” Pattern?

It’s more of a chevron or ripple stitch.

I love this scarf!

Scarves are addicting! And, a girl can never have too many scarves! I quite like my ever growing collection of scarves, and no one ever turns away a gifted scarf either, do they?!!

You rock! Keep up the good work! Scarf on! :thumbsup:

LOL - thanks - you make me feel better! :hug: I like smaller projects that work up relatively quickly and I’m finding scarves are a great way to work on my lace skills!

Lovely colour n simple, nice …congratz…thnks

:happydance:very pretty!

Pretty scarf. :slight_smile:

very pretty, good job on the pattern

Hi - I’ve knitted the cream of spinach scarf but got to the end and I’m now not sure how to cast off to make the cast off edge look like the cast on edge. Any help on this?