Crazy towel thing

Ages ago, my mom sent me a tangled one pound skein of the most wildly coloured, fattest cotton yarn I’ve ever seen. I spent hours untangling it. Lol

I decided to cast on a towel with it and my brand new straight bamboo needles.

That’s going to be pretty!!

Orange, yellow, blue, green, white…


It certainly won’t be boring!

So pretty. Bright and cheerful. Even with the untangling, it was a wonderful thing to get from mom!

My dh made a face when I showed it to him. Lol!


I like it and it’ll be fun to knit with. You’ll get to see all the colors playing with each other.

I really like the yarn and look forward to seeing it finished!

What a lovely way to put it it, and so accurate too.

It may be bright, but think how cute it will look in your DD bathroom!

I decided it is destined to be a bathroom mat. The yarn is bulky weight I think (wish I could find more kitchen style cotton in bulky! )

Actually,that’s a good idea! :thumbsup:

Yeah! That’s just the thing! And you will love having a handknit towel! I love knitting them, and using them!


That looks great!

Please post more pics of it as you go along…curious to see how the colours work up.

I love colorful things like this. Your creation is looking great! :thumbsup: