Crazy squirrel video

I love this!

God, this was a blast from the past! It was shown in nature videos in the UK when I was growing up - a fantastic clip grin

Oh my gosh! my backyard squirrels have multiplied and gone to another country! They sure are smart!:roflhard:
That makes me think of EVERY SINGLE “squirrel proof” bird feeder that I have bought, and then watched out the window as they figured out within 5 min how to dismantle the thing and send all the bird seed to the ground for a big feast:zombie:

Cute. I didn’t know they were that smart.

:rofl: Squirrels are the funniest!

My brother used to chase the squirrels off of our feeder (my mom thought they were funny, so it wasn’t a squirrel-proof one, even) and was determined to catch one with a fishnet. Eventually he did. He wasn’t really sure what to do with it at that point, though, so that was the end of his squirrel-fishing. He then made a video about the ordeal, starring Stinky the Skunk (stuffed animal, not a real skunk) as The Squirrel.
When I read the title of this thread, I wondered if he had posted it on uTube. I am thrilled to find instead, a whole lot of other people who are amused by squirrels!