Crazy new knitter with an unintelligible fair isle pattern- please help!

Hello, I’m a new knitter :oops: , and my eyes are bigger than my skills are knowledgeable at this point, and I’ve decided to knit an “intermediate” fair isle sweater. :wall: In any event, now that I’ve learned a few basics, I’ve read the pattern a dozen times. I’ve decided to make a Medium in a pattern that has sizes from XS through XL (so, XS, S, M, L XL).

In any case, the initial cast on for the back of the sweater calls for the following number of stiches 85 (95, 107, 117, 129). Making the medium, I would cast on 107 stiches, correct?

Then, when I beg the snowflake pattern, Row 1 reads: [COLOR=“Red”]K2 (7-5-2-0)[/COLOR] M, *K1C, K7M, rep from * to last [COLOR=“red”]3 (8-6-3-1)[/COLOR] sts, K1C, [COLOR=“red”]K2 (7-5-2-0)[/COLOR] M, where M is the main color and C is the secondary color. The bits in red have me confused… does this also correspond to the sizing? I understand that a certain number of the repeating snowflake patterns may fit in each size possibly, but I’m having trouble working out how the stitches play out in the snowflake bit. Any advice from someone who has done something like this before would be greatly appreciated! Thank you soo much! :notworthy:


Yes, numbers in parentheses refer to the different sizes. So you would - K5M, * K1C, k7, repeat to to last 6 sts, then k1C, K5M. It may help if you circle or highlight the numbers for your size to keep you on track. You’ll notice on the XL there’s a ‘K 0’ on some of the instructions. If you run across that in your size, you just skip that and go on to the next instruction.

That is very helpful! I thought that was what it meant, but I wanted to make sure to eliminate as many mistakes as possible before I actually begin. Many thanks!!!