Crazy Knitting Thought

Hi all. I’m new and this is my first post. No this isn’t an introduction but something that popped into my head. I’ve got a cold and while picking up more cold medicine I wandered into the knitting section. Looking at the needles and thinking about the magic that is knitting I found myself wondering if the first wands were knitting needles. Both are long and skinny. Watching a woman turning this length of yarn into a garment just using two sticks must have seem magical. Of course this just could be the cold medicine talking. What do ya’all think?

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Interesting thought that does have some merit. However, thinking back, if knitting were considered magical then many many more people would have been burned or hung or drowned for practicing magic.

Interesting…alleusion has a very good point though. It may be the cold medicine talking!

I think it’s the cold medicine. Historically, it was men who did the most knitting,and certainly men who did production knitting. Fishermen ‘knit’ their nets and hunters ‘knit’ nets to catch game. At the Natural History museum in L.A., you can see exhibits of both, rather interesting. Nets were also woven, and, a large form of tatting was used in some cultures.

Good point.

Really I’m just replying because my daughter’s name is Emily Elizabeth and I saw your sig lol.

:slight_smile: I love the thinking! Could just be the cold, but…hmm…yes, the fishermen and all. But that’s not to say that we can’t say they are our magic wands now!

Well I’m glad the thought was entertaining to some and I had no idea about the knitted nets. Which something to add onto my ‘Things to Knit’ List. I’m really thinking it’s the cold medicine and the fact that I walked by a Cinderella DVD. That Fairy Godmother’s wand would make a wicked knitting needle. Also it’s probably good for poking people ;P. And now to get back to knitting and blowing my nose (not at the same time of course)

I googled this topic because i had the same thought. Thats how i found this site. As I thought about it there are many connections to knitting needles and magic wands but i have not found any solid information that connect the two.

Knitting needles are magic wands. How else could they turn a mile of string into a wearable garment? We have to call them needles so the people in white coats with flutterby nets don’t come get us.

:joy: Yes, we need to keep the muggles guessing!

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