Crazy idea

So I have this crazy idea but I’m what I would still call a beginner knitter so here goes. I’ve made a soap bag (a bag you put a bar of soap in it foams it makes the soap pretty much last to the last drop) and clearly is machine washable. Well, since I like many other knitters am a female I don’t use soap but rather body wash. So my question/idea, could a poof or shower flower or whatever everyone is calling the plastic fluffy things that are used for body wash be knitted? Any ideas how one would assmeble such a creature or what gage or anything would be groovey. The only thing I can think of is it probably needs to be a really small tiny set of needles like 0s or 1s or something.

Thanks in advance

Not so crazy

thats great if you can knit in the round lol

Good project to learn on!

Or, you could knit flat, then sew it into a tube and put it together as the instructions say.
Something like this would make a good bath-puff thing, too. You could knit it with strips of tulle. Wouldn’t even have to be on small needles.

knitting in the round is easier than it looks too… the only thing you have to remember is to not get your work twisted…

So after a trip to my local crafts stores and some encourageing words from everyone on this site along with my husband lol and a very helpful store clerk I decieded to give this knitting in the round thing a try. I’m doing the first link to the “Judy’s bathpoof” pattern I’m useing Bernat Handicrafter Cotton ultrasoft yarn and so far I have about an inch or two and it doesn’t look bad I think this knitting in the round thing is far more intimidating than it looks, lol. I’m still working so wish me luck lol thanks to everyone for the support.

yay! and we will all be here to help if you need it :slight_smile:

Haven’t finished reading the rest of the thread but I’ve made some scrubbies useing cotton yarn and tulle. You can buy the tulle at any craft store and knit or crochet it while using the cotton yarn. I’m sure it can be done on it’s own but I like the extra strength from the yarn. I’ve made several small ones for the kitchen and they are great with everything - even non stick, teflon, etc…

The tulle is a little rough on the hands but the outcome is great.


Shower poof finished and before x-mas haven’t tryed it yet been busy with family x-mas functions. I found at least the judy’s bathpoof pattern easy although I did kind of mess it up at the end and there was a nice litte 2-4 inches where it had a dramatic decrease working up one side overall it came to get ok, and doesn’t look bad the knitting in the round was really fun next time I do one I’ll have to make sure I add that extra sitch at the end and not decrease by 3 every row lol. Over all not perfect but came together nicely. lol

Thanks for all the support! :hug: :grphug: :thumbsup: