Crazy Hands winter cable pattern Help

Hi guys.I was wondering if you guys can help me understand this patterns round 1 after the cast on 96 sts
The pattern link is

It’s the first round with the increase .It’s the knit one st from previous round,4k,repeat from the knit one?you are suppose to get 120 sts after this round but how does a person get the 120 sts? also what does 4k mean does it mean knit 4 or increase 4?:thinking:

I tried to add a bunch of numbers together but can’t get 120 sts:cry:
What do you guys think?

According I the pattern, you can use any increase you like. So if it was me, I would use Kfb, K4 around. That’s the part you would repeat - Kfb K4; Kfb K4; all the way around. What increase have you been using??

And the 4K means to knit 4.


You can do the Kfb if you prefer but if you do, you need to Kfb, k3, Kfb, k3 and so on.
That’ll give you 24sts increased over the 96sts and will give you 120 sts total at the end of the row.

The increase recommended in the pattern is a pretty, organic increase, basically a knit right loop (KRL).

The stitch above the increase counts as stitch one of the knit 4 so you would krl, k4, krl, k4 etc.

Hi guys.:smiley:Thanks for the amazing help.:grinning: