Craving Color

This morning I went to Michaels to pick up a skein of Sugar n Cream for a tote I’m working on. A nice sedate blue & white tweed yarn.

But when I got to the yarn, I found myself drawn to the sunshine yellow, hot pink & orange yarns. No, these aren’t colors that fit my lifestyle. Or even look good on me. But I’m tired of winter.

I know come the end of summer, I’ll be eager for wools in plum purples, forest green & heathered navy. But right now, I’m craving the colors of summer.

I hear ya’ sister! AMEN!

You should just jump right in with a color that grabbed your attention!
Sometimes it’s nice to have something bold. I have a minty green hoodie that really stands out in a crowd.

It’s kind of refreshing to have something bold and colorful! Especially now that winter is over.

Yeah, on the way home I envisioned a pillow top. Done with a square in the middle & stripes along each side, & altering the coloration along the diagonal. Like a square bullseye with a slash thru it where the colors switch.
But my living room is in blue. So there isn’t really a place for yellow, pink & orange together.
I wished I looked better in those colors. Cause they are cheerful & fun to play with.

So what if your living room is in blue? Knit yourself an accent pillow… and it can be:
a) an accent piece to bring in a spot of other colors.
b) a conversation starter (ie, “wow, that’s a beautiful and bright pillow you have there!” “I know, I made it myself”)
c) that pillow that you let your husband and children use to sleep on. My mom’s pet peeve is that everyone actually uses her accent pillows as - get this - PILLOWS! OMG! So we now have two sets of pillows. The ones that are purely for decoration and so help you if she catches you sleeping on them; and the old ones that we are allowed to sleep on, play on, build forts out of, pillow fight with, etc.

The point is, if you’re really wanting to knit something that color, and you have an idea that you like, just do it.

You’re right. I need that color fix.

Maybe socks. Or a baby blanket. Or cute for a girl’s striped tank top with white & lime green added. The project doesn’t have to be for me. I just need to use the colors.

I don’t generally knit for myself because I love lace and/or shawls… so I buy anything that catches my eye that particular day. But I TOTALLY feel you on craving bright color. I’ve been wanting a yellow/orange yarn and just couldn’t find anything I loved… so I had my first dyeing experiment with some inexpensive yarn… the colors came out so great and they’re cheery and summery just like I wanted :oD

I know exactly what you’re talking about. I went to Michael’s and bought a ton of “flower” colored yarn that was on sale. That’s what I get for working in my gardens. I was suddenly tired of the greys, greens and browns that was in my stash.