CRAPPY edges

Okay, so, I’ve been dealing with this problem for two years now. I’m ready to yank my hair out. The left edge of my work (where the purl row begins) is always loose and ugly. The other side is lovely. I’ve tried slipping the first stitch, always knitting the first stitch, and recently, pulling the stitch below and to the left of it to make it look neat. The pulling thing works best (still pretty ugly, though) but then I have this row of huge ugly stitches (which can only been seen on the purl side). I’ve also tried keeping my gauge SUPER tight at the edges. I’ve also tried keeping my gauge SUPER tight throughout the work. The only thing I haven’t tried (and I’m not very willing to either) is switching from my Continental style to English style.

Someone, please, help me. I can’t keep sticking garter stitch edges on everything that isn’t knit in the round…

I forgot to add that I’ve tried knitting the first and last, just the first, and just the last. What the heck is wrong with me?!

I’ve been there too! Go to and under the different topics you’ll find Seaming. Click on Selvages (edge stitches), and voila! But basically they say that to neaten both edges you slip the first st of every right side row purlwise with yarn in front, and knit the first st of every wrong side row. Hope it helps:hug:

Don’t make all your stitches super tight. After I make the first stitch (I don’t slip them, leaves messy loops) I pull on the yarn and that tightens both the first stitch and the one below it. Sometimes I remember to make the couple stitches tight, but usually not. They come out okay.

This is what I do and I knit Continental.Slip the first st purl wise with yarn in front and KNIT THE LAST st even if it’s on a PURL side.Works for me every time.:teehee:

I’ve found Debbie Stoller’s trick most useful for really nice edges: insert the needle into the second stitch of the row you’re knitting, and then give the yarn a good tug. I swear my edges have never looked better :slight_smile:

I get good results doing what nstssj does.

You might like doing a single crochet all around your garment. It makes a very nice edge some both sides (right and wrong) and you can’t see the “funny” stitches as they are swallowed up in the crocheting. Good luck! You will do very well!