Crappy Customer Service


I just wrote a letter to Caron in regards to a online shop that was up. It stated that there was a twenty percent sale up until Sept 1st. There was also a little disclaimer at the bottom of the page as soon as you started selecting stuff that the site was in beta and no orders would be processed.

My letter asked when the shop would be open and what would the shipping info be to Canada…(ok…my letter was quite a bit longer than that…but that was the bones of it)

The following is the response I received…

"The site will be ready by the end of this month.


Caron Customer Service Rep."

Did she not read the whole letter…and what good is a site that is up at the end of the month going to be for a sale that is on to the first of Sept?

I went back into caron to see if I could see the online store link again, and it seems to have disappeared.

Either way…wow…really short response to two questions. They better extend that sale…!


I’ve had that happen with other sites they didn’t read the entire thing either. Another favorite of mine is they send you a link to the FAQ. I already freaking looked at the FAQ that’s why I’m writing!! :hair:

Ohhh…I hate that too! Chances are you are writing because of the little disclaimer notes that say “If you can’t find an answer here, contact customer service, we will be glad to help!” GAH

most likely what happend is this:

some person thought to boost the beta-site a bit, and maybe was hoping things would work well. That’s why the sale.

Then things did not work well or were not finalized.

So an automated computer email was sent to you. Try again and you will get the very same text.

My favorit bad customer care was buying a pool table for my dad. Yes, a full size one for the basement!
I had bit on ebay (so they must expect SOMEONE to buy and be there, right?) I got a confirmation (very short)
I payed.
I was patient for like a week or two - big item, you know, may take a few days.
Then I wrote an email. The answer: "Sorry, we are on vacation until the end of November. Your email will be deleted by the system. Please write again in December."
I was p***ed and wrote again in Dec. (that was 3 weeks or so, no short time).

I got the SAME mail on the 1st of Dec just now it said: “Sorry, we are on vacation until the end of November. Your email will be deleted by the system. Please write again after December 15th.”

and that game once over.

well, no phone number, an address pretty far across the state and ebay could just shrug either.

The table DID get there, is awesome to play on,

but going on vacation after you do business? Going for at least 3 weeks, then extend by 2 on the same day you should be back (someone must have made that change, you know?) And not being reachable at all?

The worst was this “your email gets deleted, we do not care, if you really want to talk, do all the efford again and remember the time and type it all again. Oh, and if you shohuld decide to just annoy us with more mail, we will just delete more…”

I would not buy from the place again - but I do not need another pool table, either.

If I get bad customer service someplace I shop elsewhere. Some places I give more than one chance but if it continues there are always other choices and I don’t mind mailordering. Unless it is my grocery shopping of course. I would have been livid if I ordered that pool table!

The only thing that kept me from raging was: I will never meet them again, I did get the table eventually, I did pay a very small price (ebay endurance pays out!) and I did not meet anyone in person to pronounce my rage.
I did, however, leave a comment on ebay about it. Maybe it helps someone else.