Crap! The cap is too big!

Ok, so my SO’s father was diagnosed with cancer and is undergoing chemo/rad. So being the thoughtful daughter-in-sin that I am, I decided to knit him a cap to keep his head warm for winter, especially since he will most likely lose his hair.

The flipping cap is TOO big. It’s too big on me and I have a fat head with tons of hair. So I know it will be too large on him. :wall::wall:

Any ideas on how to shrink it? I made it k2p2 ribbing with Cascade Tweed 128. I cast on 84 stitches. I suppose I could modify this one for myself and make him another one. Hmph!! :gah:

From everything I have read the chemo makes the scalp highly sensitive so extra seams would be something to avoid and I suspect felting also. Tho not sure re this. Others will comment I’m sure. I can’t think of anything apart from making another one although men’s sizes…hair or no hair…are often bigger.

Cascade Tweed is mostly wool, so you could try lightly felting it to the right size, either by hand or in the washing machine.

Debbie…you don’t think even light felting would make it a little scratchy? Hmmmm…I think this is why a lot of people have recommended cotton yarns for hats but I admit I can’t quite recall…

Once the hat is made there isn’t too much you can do other than felt it. I guess you could seam it, but that is not good for sensitive heads. I think that yarn might be too scratchy, too. Maybe you could reuse the yarn for something else and start a new soft one?

I think it’s wonderful that you are doing this for him! And I also cracked up when I read Daughter in Sin…:roflhard::roflhard::roflhard:

DH’s sister and her boyfriend/fiance/father-of-her-two-kids/whatever-you-want-to-call-him are common-law married (they live in Colorado, where it exists), so DH refers to her guy as his “brother-in-common-law”. :roflhard:

Thanks for the advice, girls. I think I will just re-knit a cap for him with different yarn. I’m thinking maybe microfiber or a cotton blend.

I am customizing this cap for myself. I will post pics when I’m finished. :yay:

The title of this post really made me smile :slight_smile: Good luck!

keep in mind the chemo will make his head a little swollen and make him look ‘moon faced’ so maybe add an extra rib or two just in case.

I had the same problem with my first had. I had to frog and start over.

But that’s the beauty of knitted things…they s t r e t c h! :teehee: