Crafty Nation

Wanted to tell you all about a brand spankin’ new website that just officially went live yesterday. It is for all sorts of crafts. Right now there are video episodes about beading, lampworking, and a chocolate shop. The cameraman (Jim) and host (Toni) are currently in Chicago at the Craft and Hobby Association Convention and Trade show meeting new artist and, it sounds like, taking lots of footage. I am hoping they might be able to head over to the fiber festival since they are there until Sunday but I don’t know what they have scheduled for tomorrow.

Currently there are only about 16 people on the site. (I said it was brand new! :slight_smile: ) I think almost all of them are knitters. We are a small group of knitters who met on Twitter (which is where we met the cameraman who is also an NBC cameraman) and got invited to join the soft launch of the site. We are sharing some of our projects and getting to know each other. They really do want to hear what kinds of things we are interested in learning more about. They have done a few really cool episodes so far and I think it is going to be a really cool thing to watch grow.

You are all invited to join and join the conversation!

Okay I have tried to embed their instruction video and it appears I am inept so here’s a link to the site. It should take you directly to the page with the intro video! Come Join US!!!

:teehee: I signed up