Crafty Middle Iowans~~

My mother and I are going to be driving to my brother’s new house in Marshalltown for Easter. Part of the attraction was that we could go shopping on Saturday on our way there. Des Moines is a LITTLE bit outta the way but I am not completely opposed. We know where the shops to go in Des Moines are. What I am wondering about is Ames, or even Marshalltown. Mom is a counted cross stitcher. Are there any stitch shops that cater to that hobby in either of those towns, or on the way? Thank ya!! :smiley:

Hey we know what happened with a get together in the Des Moines area? That fall through?

Have fun over easter :smiley:

didn’t see too many people jumping on it but i would dig it. only problem, for me, right now though is that we are getting into campaign season and convention season. Somehow I managed to get on another committee which will meet a few times between now and the state convention in August (yes they are making me drive out to Grand Island for a convention! hmph!) plus the county convention is in June and blah blah blah…and somewhere in the middle of all that i have to find time for work and for actually helping with a couple of campaigns! :rollseyes:

honestly Bren didn’t you just give yourself some free time? :shock: You are such a busy woman :smiley:

Did you try the nifty map above? My folks live in central Iowa, a bit SE of Des Moines, but I don’t get back home that much.

I do know there is a needepoint/cross stich place in Pella, but that is a ways from Marshalltown.

and a map to get there…,+IA&daddr=Pella,+IA

I think there might be a yarn place in Grinnell that would sort of be on the way there too.

yeah i found some yarn shops on there but couldn’t definitively pick out needlework shops…i will check out those shops!