Crafter's Choice -- Is it worth joining?

I can get Mason-Dixon Knitting, The Knitter’s Bible, Yarn Girls Guide to Beyond the Basics and Knitter’s Bible Knitted Accessories for $1 each and then all I have to do is order 2 books at half of the publishers price and then I can quit.

Am I being sucked in or is it really worth it???

I love knitting books and am drooling at the prospect but I hate getting ripped off with these tempting offers.

What do you think??

Please help! :passedout:


well it is just like any other book or CD club. you pay a bunch for shipping and handling but a lot of times it still comes out cheaper than buying from the store. You just have to remember to cancel or to decline the books you don’t want.

i got five books in my initial shipment (the first book from the 2 book obligation ya know) and the total cost was just over $35. Can’t really complain about $7/book i don’t think.

I’ve been a member of Crafter’s Choice for many years and I’ve rejoined numerous times. I loved being able to order the book then get it then pay for it in that order.

To be honest…you really will NOT save money by buying books from them. I just liked the convenience more than anything. I owe them a small balance and then I am getting out of the book club only because my book cases are getting full and I can buy books for much LESS at Joanns’ with a coupon.

But I liked the book club very much in spite of it not saving me any money. But their “joining” deal is real and it is the BEST deal that you’ll get.

If you stay in it long enough they will offer you free shipping or buy one book get one free etc. I don’t think you’d be sorry for joining once and giving it a try. :happydance:

Thanks so much for the replies :muah:

I think I will go for it (despite the shipping charge) at least for the 2 books I’m obligated to buy.

What could be bad about more knitting books?



Well, shame, shame, I joined to get the freebies. But as soon as I fulfilled the requirements, I un-joined. But really only 'cuz I’m trying to downsize everything. I did like the books.

I’ve been a member 3 times (just rejoined #3 this past week-same $1 special) If there are books I’m interested in and I have built up points and have had a chance to scan the book at the local shop, then I go for it. Some books I have gotten “sight unseen” because of good reviews from friends etc but I try to research if I can. Now that I can reply online instead of losing those cards they used to send, it’s much easier to keep on track since I’m online all the time. I figure it’s not huge savings, but there are deals and perks if you’ve been in a while and I’ve never had trouble cancelling membership when I felt I had all I needed for a time.

I love this book club, but then I am a book nut. lol I have joined Crossings, Doubleday, Good Cook, Literary Guild and love to get my books. I live in a small town and have a hard time finding what I want. :hug: