Crafters choice bookclub

Do any of you do this? Any books you would recommend, or conversely, NOT recommend? Thanks!

I was a member and have gotten several books from them that I love.
Scarf Style
Vogue Accessories
The Knitting Bible
Great Knitted Gifts
Last Minute Gifts to Knit
Loop d Loop
To name a few; I enjoyed my membership…then also found that I can buy books @ and very inexpensively & cancelled my membership

I have a membership but I haven’t purchased anything recently. I enjoy getting the catalogs each month just to get inspired on new things to learn. I bought the big Vogue knitting book and it’s still my favorite reference guide. I also got some quilting books and a crochet reference guide. They have a nice section for reviews and that’s helped me understand exactly what is offered versus the book description.

For DH, I bought a couple woodworking books and he’s used them for ideas but never follows a pattern exactly.

I do agree with Rebecca that you can sometimes find books cheaper elsewhere but they do give you point for each book purchase (redeemable for free books) and they run sales from time to time.

I’m going to buy a couple scrapbookingkits for my mom for Christmas and they’ve had some nice ones to choose from in the past.

I 've ordered a few times from Overstock, with mixed results - sometimes its wrapped well, other times not so well…

Another good place to buy from is Wal-farts online.

I am a member and have gotten some good books. I just finished out my “requirement” for being a member, so I may cancel the membership, as I too have found books elsewhere cheaper. But overall, for all of the books I purchased, it was pretty inexpensive because of only paying shipping in the beginning for some of them.

I am a member of, and while they don’t have as many crafty books as crafters choice (obviously), they do have some and everything is $9.95 with free shipping. You just have to order at least one thing a month. And they have other books too, if you don’t want to limit yourself to craft ones.

I’ve had excellent results with all of my overstock books, I believe I’ve gotten 5. I am a knitting book junkie, too…I LOVE, LOVE knitting books, I must confess that I have a few that I’ve not even had the chance to read :blush: …can’t help myself…altho, I didn’t buy this sock book that I wanted bc I’m going to get some sock software that will have better results and I have several sock books already :smiley: ! Like I said…book junkie…all around knitting junkie;)

I got an invitation to join just yesterday. I’m very very tempted!

I tried to join twice…

Each time the page confirmed me… but nothing happend… so I emailed thier Customer Support and both times they said they didn’t have a record of my account.

So I’ve not tried to resign up again… :smiley: I should… the club looks neat… some books I’d love to have

Sounds like it’s a security thing with your browser. I had to allow the cookie from their site to join.

Nah… I know I have cookies and such enabled… being a developer… I keep almost everything enabled… I’ll try again… probably next month

Overstock shipping through Sunday:

[color=darkblue]Well, this did it for me. LOL. I just ordered a bunch of books. I really shouldn’t have. I feel like I’ve spent so much lately. I can say it is the same as two months worth of Hubby’s cigarette money. :slight_smile:
Thanks for the link.
I hope they are good to buy from. Anyone know???

Sorry Susie! I was planning on going on a little mission myself later this evening! I hate to get locked into contracts…so better to buy here I suppose!

I have bought from them before, books and other things, good deals.

I use to belong to Crafter’s Choice but the shipping makes the books actually very expensive. At least I think so.
Have you ever ordered off Overstock??? I didn’t even look that good over things. I hope they are NEW books. Geeeeeesh.
Are you all enablers??? LOL :slight_smile:

:hiding: coughyes they arecough


I have to agree with you about the shipping, Susie…I had forgotten about that! Although, I did get several nice books from them, but you are very correct about the shipping! I now shop around at knitpicks, overstock, amazon, some ebay…price comparison :wink:

What is this “THEY” stuff??? LOL.
YOU aren’t an enabler???

Nope! Not me. :oo:


AND WE’RE PROUD OF IT!! :thumbsup: