Craft room remodel done! pics!

I got a bug a few weeks ago and decided that my mess of a craft room needed a spiffy up.I love that I have that room. I just didn’t love the room. So I got paint and painted in one weekend. Then I got a new rug, new blanket and pillows. A new tv, FLAT SCREEN, a new dvd player THAT WORKS. And then I waited. I waited to find the perfect place for the tv to go, and chair to go with the desk. I waited about a month. Finally, I happened upon Michael’s. Love that store. And voila!
This is my new tv on my new tv console. It’s a robins egg blue, and is perfect! And next to the tv I have a pretty glass bowl with my favorite malabrigo yarns!

This is my new little stool and my bookshelves and antique yarn winder (in the corner by the plant)

These are the pics my professional photographer hubby took of our two cats (left is Mulder, right is Itchy) that I found the perfect frames for at Michaels too!

And these two blue ceramic cats I found at an antique store. Hubby thinks they are tacky. I think they are perfect!

Wow! That looks fab. I love the cats (all four of them).

How lucky you are to have such a wonderful room!


Very nice!

Love love love it, from the wonderful tv stand thingy, how creative…to the glass cats! I bet you’ll be spending alot of time there and I’m so envious! All my stuff is in a wantabe hallway:pout: until hubby finishes my cathouse! (another story)…Mary

I am actually up there knitting my monkey socks and watching Greys on dvd right now!:yay:

UH! Lucky woman…inventing supper and waiting on kitties, no knitting for me for another hour or so…:waah:

You forgot to mention the degree I can see hanging on the wall there…
Your room is stunning! Cozy, useful and full of personality! I’m jealous!

Great job. How wonderful to have a space all your own to enjoy yourself.

That is so fantastic! What a wonderful space! Can I come live with you? Or do you not wanna share your new craft room… I understand. :teehee:

:happydance: it looks wonderful!!

It was bad enough that DH came and sat on my futon and watched Greys!
I hope to have another degree up there on the wall end of April:clink:

What a great space you have to call your own. Love the wall color.

Wow! What a fabulous room!!! However will your dh entice you to come out?! I mean, add a fridge and a conventional oven, and you won’t ever have to come out!!! :teehee:

:teehee: This is my thinking! LOL!

I don’t cook, so just the fridge!:clink:

Well, be careful, DH might start trying to wedge his way in with fresh baked brownies or cheesecakes! Maybe you should put one of those coin thingys at the door to charge admission! Yeah, that’ll work and then you’d have extra bucks for more stash and books!

I would pay to enter that room!!

Oh, and the not cooking thing??? Well, what we do is stock up on frozen dinners (lasagna and mac & cheese are our favorites) and warm them up in the oven (we don’t use a microwave). Easy as pie! :thumbsup:

Oh, what a beautiful room! If I bring tea and scones, can I come and cuddle with the kitties on the couch?

:teehee: Please.