Craft fairs or just for you?

How many of you knit & sell things for craft fairs? Or do you just knit for yourself & friends? If you do craft fairs, are they worth the time, money?

I only knit for family, friends and myself, because of time constraints!

Me, too :smiley:
I knit for me, family and friends :smiley: I would never sell anything were I to put my things in craft fairs…because my prices would be astronomical…not that I knit that well, but, I would want more than enough $ for my time :rofling: :roflhard: LOL, so…I knit for family and friends :wink:

I thought of getting into this, by designing my own items to sell, but when I really thought about it, I know that I knit for my own pleasure & if it became my job, I wouldn’t enjoy it nearly as much.