Craft Day?

I want to set up a weekly craft day for the women in my Church, because most of them are here because their husbands are in the military, and most of them don’t have anything to do all day and say that they get bored…so anyway, before I make any sort of announcement about it at Church, I thought I’d ask you all. :slight_smile:

Would 10.30 am on Fridays be too early for you? (btw I’m LDS [Mormon] so there will definitely be quite a few babies and young children there…is 10.30 a standard for naptime?)

Would it be rude not to have some snacks? Or, is it too much to ask people to alternate with bringing snacks so one person doesn’t have to do it every week?

I think it sounds awesome. I’d volunteer yourself to make the snacks for the first 1 or 2 until you get going and then start a rotation or something. Can you have someone watch the kids so the ladies can have time away? I know many churches have retired ladies that wouldn’t mind playing with kids for a couple of hours each week. 10:30 is fine if you ask me. Most kids stop taking morning naps around 1-2 years old.

You could always poll a few of the women at your church about your craft day plans. Not everyone will be able to attend for one reason or other, obviously, but 10:30 on Fridays sounds good (I’d come!). Even 10:00 would work, I think. Both are certainly early enough not to interfere with nap times.

As for snacks, I say have 'em! And a round-robin sounds like a great idea unless you have someone in the group who loves to bake and needs an excuse. (I say that because my mother is like that; she practically makes up her own holidays as excuses to bake cakes :teehee:)

I don’t have any kids but I think it’s a great idea. it would give thewomen the opportunity to vent and to bond. I agree with the snacks… maybe you bring the first couple and let the others follow the lead. If they don’t bring snacks it’s probably not imporant to them as crafting. Our church has booccos of sign up lists for food or whatever. Also, if the older ladies don’t want to watch the kids you could ask for 1 lady to rotate each week/visit in the nursery ( that’s what we do… the adult class rotates through the nursery ). Also… moneymay be tight… you might ( if it’s not a burden to you) supply the yarn and some needles at first ( or ask the church to reimburse you) and maybe some of the older children might want to learn too. :shrug:

Good idea~!

Thanks ladies! :muah: I’m making up a sign-up sheet right now :slight_smile:

HEy had a thought Brokenblossoms~ you may have some crocehters in the church as well I would put out the word to see who can do what~
YOU problably have a lot of talent in your church~

Yep, there are a bunch of crocheters! :slight_smile: I want the craft day to be for everyone–knitters, crocheters, sewers, cross-stitchers, needle-pointers, quilters, or people who don’t know any of these skills but want to learn or just want to come watch and chat. :slight_smile:

We have a group like this at my church- it’s during the Wednesday night stuff and it’s called “Stitch & Pray”. I haven’t been able to attend, but I would love to if I could!! Anyway, I would definitely join your group! :slight_smile:

Until they hit college :teehee:

I think 10:30 sounds perfect. That gives them time to see the older kids off to school, and get a few things done around the house before heading off.

Make sure that you put on your sign-up sheets that all are welcome, regardless of skill or craft. I would be scared away if it didn’t. And see if you can get some of the more experienced crafters to bring “extra” for those who might want to learn.

10:30 is perfect - even babies who still take morning naps are usually up by then. That sounds like a great idea, good luck with it!!

10:30 is only perfect for SAHM’s or people with flexible schedules. If any of these women work, they’re automatically excluded.

I was extremely frustrated when I first started knitting because my LYS only had classes in the early afternoon and late morning on weekdays. Hello, most of the adult population works!

Sounds like a great idea. As a military spouse, I completely understand the boredom throughout the day. 10:30 is a good time, from my perspective, but taking a poll sounds like an awesome suggestion. Have fun crafting…
Too bad you aren’t in Ohio, I’d def. come hang out.

I thought the same thing…

I thought the same thing…[/quote]

I had the same thought, but I think she said in her original post that her target audience was people who are home and bored during the day, in which case that is not a problem. :slight_smile:

She could always offer a class at night 1x week for people who DO work during the day ( not that staying at home wiht small children isn’t work) :passedout: but or if after the class takes off anothe “student” may want to be the “teacher” for another class~ :hug:

IT really is HARD trying to accomodate everyones’ scheudle b/c we all have such hectic lives :wall: