"Crab Stitch" aaaarrrgh!

I looked for a “crab stitch” video clip here at KH…then I realized…it is a crochet edging. Does anyone know where I might find a video clip for crab stitch? I have a couple books with sketches & diagrams…yuk…I am always at a loss with crab stitch. I have accidentally figured it out 2 times in the past…but since I use it so infrequently…I always struggle with it the next time I need it.

Well, that’s it! Thanks for any help! :muah:

This might help

Here’s a short one:

Hello ladies! Thanks for your quick response(s). I was sitting here at my laptop, garment & crochet hook in hand…googling “crab stitch” and getting nowhere that I haven’t already been in my “how-to” books! Hey Monzogary! The link you sent not only has a quick’n’easy diagram but ALSO A VIDEO CLIP that can be played normally, or in slow motion! THANKS! I “saved” the link!

Wheeee! I think I will share the link with others on our Year of the Stash thread here at KH. Others might appreciate the video clip for that pesky crab stitch (aka reverse single crochet)!

THANKS AGAIN! :cheering: