Actually not long, I think it was less than 3 weeks knitting time. ALthough I dragged my heels at getting the zipper in (it’s been done for a week or two).

WOW!!! How awesome!!! It’s gorgeous!

Great job, Ginny! I love your zipper application! Way to go! :thumbsup:

Thanks for the assistance. I was worried about the ribbing but it was easy breezy (just didd ALOT of pinning)!

Looks great! Do you have an extra you can send me? :slight_smile:

Wow…it looks fantastic! :thumbsup:

soooo pretty!!! i love it!

Looks fantastic. Great color.

That is absolutely beautiful! I love it!!! :muah:

You have done a great job…well done x

Nice! Love the zipper.

It’s gorgeous!! She’ll love it!