I already posted pick of the ALMOST done CPH in the KAL thread, But today I got the zipper in and it’s ready to mail to my daughter for her birthday.


Very nice job!

Looks great! I want one of these too…can I give you my address? ha!

It looks lovely! Nice colour too :slight_smile:

Simply fantastic! I love the colour too. You did a wonderful job on this CPH. This is the next major project on my To-Do list but for now I am making sox. Keep up the good work!

Gorgeous! I am particularly impressed with the zipper. You could do classes on that.

that looks great!! i love the color. what yarn did you use?

Great job! Bet she’ll love it, hoodies being so popular right now.

wow! it looks really great! Nice work!

that looks great. you’ve done a fantastic job and in lovely looking yarn

Looks great - what a gorgeous color too!!! :muah:

It’s 100% New Zealand wool, color teal. I got it from discontinuedbrandnameyarns.com as a mill end.

:woot: it looks awesome!! I love the color…great job :thumbsup:

That’s beautiful! I bet she loves it!

You did such a good job! :thumbsup: [/CENTER]

Looks wonderful! It seems the CPH is a mother-daughter thing :thumbsup:

It’s gorgeous. She’s going to love it.:inlove:

I HOPE SO!!! It’s for her Birthday.

Thanks for the compliments. Artlady gets credit for her encouragement on the zipper!

It’s funny becuase I’ve done pullovers and zippers, NEVER buttonholes!!!

:heart: WOW! That is great work. How long did it take to knit it? :yay: :yay: :yay: :yay:

=O That’s beautiful!!