COZY pls help!

Hi Every knitter experts+enthusiasts here…

I’m having a major problem with a simple project “COZY” by Danielle Schoonover. [ ]

I should be casting on multiple of 6 plus 1 which i did, but i cant seem to get row#3 (sometimes) and row#7 correct.

casted on 73sts: row#3 correct, but left with 7sts for row#7 instead of 5sts
casted on 79sts: row#3 left 6sts to do repeated pattern (insufficient cuz i needed 8 to complete pattern!) and row#7 correct (coincidentally)
casted on 85sts: row#3 left 4sts, row#7 left 6sts.

pls help.
where did i go wrong?
i counted 8sts required from my left needle to be knitted to my right needle to make 6sts (not counting the two YO).

pls enlighten me.
is it 8 or 6 ?

thank you all so much for even spending time reading my plead!!!

With so many repeats of a pattern, just making the same mistake two or three times in a row/round could make you keep failing a row to that extent. I once was meant to do a ‘slip stitch on right needle to LN, pass 2nd st over, pass st back to RN’ but kept pulling the sl st over the left st but not dropping it, then continuing with my RN!
I don’t know specifically what you’re doing wrong, but it may help to put a stitch marker between every repeat (every 6 stitches). A tied loop of wool in different colour will work, and every time you reach a marker, count the stitches on your right needle for that repeat. If it’s the right number, continue.

I only count you needing to use 6 stitches from your left needle for both row 3 and 7.

YO doesn’t use a stitch
k1 uses 1
sl1 uses 1
k2tog uses 2
psso is re-using a stitch on your right needles (doesn’t use a stitch)
k1 uses 1
yo doesn’t use a stitch
k1 uses 1

for a total of 6.

maybe you’re having trouble with some of the abbreviations. Check out the videos here for some more help.

My guess is that you’re making your yo by knitting into the next stitch and counting that as just the yo.

The yo is just the yarn over the needle–not the stitch after it, too. Sandra Ellen layed it out the way it should be.