I finally started on the cowl I mentioned a few weeks ago. I’m doing it in a fuzzy yarn which I originally bought to make a hooded jacket for my daughter, but which I found it difficult to knit with. It’s much easier to use this time as I am using it doubled with 10mm needles, although I did have to restart since I discovered a few rows in that I had more stitches than I should have had. This may have had something to do with the doubled fuzzy yarn, but I am being extra careful now and counting my stitches at the end of every row.


Sounds lovely. Knitting with doubled yarn can create sts out of nowhere. This cowl should be lots of fun on large needles that will make it go fast. It’ll be fun to see the completed project!

Can’t wait to see the finished object, so please do post a picture when you’re done!

Well, I’ve been very careful this time round with my cowl and it’s coming along quite nicely. I’m just concentrating on this now and putting other projects to one side for now as I would like to finish the cowl for my daughter’s birthday on Friday week or as near to it as possible.

I will most certainly post a picture when I’m done.


O id love to be able to make one of those for my daughter

Good! It’s much less time consuming to count stitches at the end of each row than to yank it all out and start over!

Well, I’m tinking now. I managed to drop some stitches at my son’s basketball club - mustn’t have been concentrating. I also managed to pick them up - at least I thought I did. Several rows later I noticed it had got narrower at one point. So, in spite of the fact that I have the correct number of stitches, I am tinking - I don’t want to risk frogging with this fuzzy yarn - back to where it gets narrower. I’ll probably still have the same number of stitches back there, but I am just not happy with how it looks.

Thankfully my daughter is blissfully unaware that I am knitting this for her - maybe it’ll be a Christmas present lol.


Putting in a lifeline every now and then may be helpful, too. And it may make frogging a fuzzy yarn easier.

Having tinked quite a lot of this project, I’m not sure I want to do this cowl using both this yarn and the moss stitch pattern as the pattern is obviously not showing on the fuzzy yarn. I still have the required number of stitches and will probably find that that is the case right from the start, but have been thinking I might change to a different yarn and maybe do a muffler - is that the right word? - instead with the fuzzy yarn. Alternatively I might just do the cowl in garter stitch.

Sorry, just thinking out loud.


The bulky yarns are fun to work with, but you really have to pick the right stitch and pattern, don’t you?

I’m sure you’ll find something wonderful–and suitable–to make with the fuzzy yarn. Keep us posted on your progress.

Well, I tinked quite far back and decided I would, after all, continue with the pattern. It’s coming on quite well - I just need to stretch it a little sideways every so often.