Cowl direction help needed

Hi every one I am making the shawl collared cowl and the directions are un clear can use some help… The (RS:) k2, marker (k3,p1) to end then (WS): (k1,p3) to marker, kfb, knit to end 1 collar increase. Here is the confusion… Repeat collar increase row every WS row twice more, every 4th row twice , then every WS row 7 times. 38 sts. 14 collar sts, 24 rib sts

Maybe this pattern?

If you call the increase row (WS) that you just did row 1, then the increases are on rows 3,5, then 9,13, and then 15,17,19,21,23,25,27.

Hi! Yes this is the pattern !!! So the in between rows ( even ) will be knitted in the (RS) pattern. Is that correct?

Continue the rib pattern for the body of the cowl. If the RS rows are the even rows, then yes, continue the even rows in the RS pattern. The increases are all in the garter stitch pattern (knit every row) for the collar. Basically, you want the columns of rib pattern to continue up the rest of the cowl as the collar increases.