Covert non-felted pattern to felted one

If I want to make something felted that isn’t designed in the pattern to be felted, how would I go about doing that? :thinking: :thinking: :thinking:

Here’s my guess as to how I should do it:

  1. Make the object by following the pattern.

  2. Measure the object’s dimentions when finished.

  3. Add a [percentage?] to the dimentions in order to be correct size after felting.

  4. “Re-write” the pattern to incorporate the new dimentions. (I’ll be sweetly solciting my husband’s help with the math involved in this step!! :?? :?? )

  5. Make object according to new pattern.

  6. Felt

Does anyone have a simpler way of doing it? If this is the correct way, how do I know how much bigger to make it? (Just looking for a rule of thumb here as I know there are a lot of variables as to how small something shrinks when felted.)

Swatch according to the pattern, match the gauge and everything. Measure it. Felt swatch to the degree that you will felt the garment/object. Use these measurements and the gauge you achieved when you first knitted the swatch to recalculate the pattern.