Covering inside stitching


I finally ventured off and am knitting an owl hat. After I put the eyes on, the beak, etc, I have a lot of inside work showing. I don’t like the idea of the person receiving the hat to be able to see all of the stitching work inside (knots, weaving, etc).

Is there a way to cover all of this up? What does one do or do I give it to her just looking that way?

Thank you so much!!

Unless you line it I’m not sure there is a way to effectively cover it. Lining creates it’s own problems with getting it fitted properly and fabric doesn’t stretch as well as knitting… I think all you can do is make the sewing part as neat as possible to begin with.

Yeah, the inside is always a bit ugly. You can turn it into a reversible-type hat where you pick up stitches around the edge (or at the top of any ribbing) and basically knitting another hat that fits inside the owl one.

Or just allow the recipient to appreciate the fact that you [I]knit an owl hat as a gift! [/I]


This isn’t much help after the fact, but the best looking way to hide the insides is to do it with double knitting. It takes a fair bit longer and takes some getting used to, but you can have an inside that looks like a smooth stockinette and the outside however you want with all the color changes or yarn twists hidden between the 2 layers.

I’d personally try Ingrid’s suggestion…picking up stitches along the edge of the main hat, knit another hat that will be a lining…then flip it to the inside. I’d make sure that the stockinette (knits) side is visible when the ‘lining’ is flipped to the inside.

You can line a hat quite nicely with fleece material. It doesn’t fray and is very stretchy. It is also very warm so might not be good if you don’t live in a cold climate. It will make the hat a bit smaller but I’ve not had a problem using it. TechKnitter has a tutorial about lining hats.