Cousins' Sweaters

I did these 2 sweaters for Lexi (pink) and Zora (apricot). I had posted the pink one before, but thought the 2 littles side by side in their sweaters was too cute not to share. Zora and Lexi are 2nd cousins (their moms are cousins to each other)

Aw, how cute GrandmaLori! The sweaters AND the grands!

Awww so cute! The sweaters are beautiful!

Thank you, I think they could wear them for apres-ski at Park City or Aspen or something…LOL

What little sweathearts! I love the sweaters, especially the colors.

Adorable! and it looks like the girls love them

They are such cute little girls, and the newbie is a cuter too.

Great work on the sweaters~~~

Sweaters and little girls are both adorable!!! Great job Grandma Lori!

Abosolutely adorable Lori!!

Awwww…so cute. The girls and the sweaters! Love the colors!!

They are adorable and the sweaters are so pretty!!

Great job on the sweaters! Love the colors!

:cheering: :cheering: :cheering:


Really cute little sweaters, and very suitable to the owners. The apricot is nice on little dark haired Zora, and the pink on blonde Lexi.