Couple questions

I’m not sure if this should go here or in the How-To section, but if it doesn’t belong here just give me a heads up and I’ll move it. :slight_smile:

I was wondering if anyone knows a good place to learn to spin, get a reasonably priced drop spindle (don’t want a wheel until I know if I’ll enjoy it or not and I don’t really have the space for one), and a good place to get roving (if that’s whatcha use)? I’m about as clueless as can be when it comes to this.

Thanks in advance :slight_smile:


There is lots of good info out there.
You might look for a yarn / fiber shop in your area. Many carry handspindles and roving.

Ebay also has a lot of good spindles and roving. But do an internet search for both to get a good feel for pricing and such before you buy on ebay. Ebay can be pricey! I once saw a spinning book on ebay listed as $20.00 - it was the same book that can be bought on Amazon for $5.95 :shock:

For virtual lessons try - (its the knitting help site of the spinning world - lots of videos)
It also has great videos and lots of info.

Also there are a bunch of helpful folk at:

Good luck and dont give up - spinning is fun, but it does take practice and patience over the learning curve!