Couple of WIP


I’ve been working on this shawl for a couple of weeks. It hurts my hands after awhile, so I will put it down and work on my socks when that happens.

Funny… I was pretty much a monoknitter until I started this shawl. :XX: :XX: But now that I have TWO projects I’m not sure I can go back to just one. :rofling:

The shawl is made with Cascade 220 and Mohair Lux. I’m using Irish Moss stitch with the Cascade.

The sock is made with Trekking. I’m loving how it is knitting up.

Beautiful colors! I especially love the sock yarn. It’s stunning!

I am loving all those colors! And how do you do that moss stitch? Its so cool.

I believe it may also be called the double moss stitch.

Looks like this on a chart:

- - - - -
- - - - -
- - - - -

Oooh, love your colors!

I hate deciding what to knit next, so I always have several projects on the needle :slight_smile:

Mama Bear

I always do more than one thing at a time also. I think I have a short attention span!

They are both lovely :thumbsup:

Those are both pretty! Love the bright sock yarn!

Having two projects IS nice because different patterns can bother your hands so it gives them a rest…sorta. :lol:

I love the sockyarn, that’s so my style.

I also had always one project on my needles, but before my vest was finished, I had 2 for a while. Now I’m back to one project, I’m dying to start another one, so I guess it IS difficult to go back to one project after you had more than one on your needles.

I LOVE that sock yarn. Would go perfect with the valances in my great room! LOL Where did you get it from?

Also, I fell in love with the the seed stitch from Amy’s demo here. How do you do the Irish Moss?

Ooh great colours :slight_smile: :inlove:

socks :drooling: :inlove:

Ohh I love the colors. Your sock is so pretty though! :thumbsup: